Located in Aloha, OR, AISB Capital provides access to private lending for investors who require capital for non-owner occupied residential and commercial investment deals. As a private broker, we evaluate loans using standards based on assets instead of the conventional standards usually employed by banks and traditional financial institutions. By doing this, we enable you to confidently be the first to respond to opportunities in the real estate market.


Our considerable track record in private lending enables you to place the same trust in us that we place in you. We put a premium in trust, as all good business relies on it. We invite you to visit us so we can discuss your investment goals and how we can help you achieve them via private lending.



We work with three kind of clients to maximize profits all around: sellers, buyers, and investors. Each play a fundamental, critical role in the value addition process of the real estate market.

Our Clients

Sellers provide the properties in which value is created. Often, sellers are either in financially stressful situations and need cash or possess distressed properties that must be sold quickly. Either way, sellers’ ultimately have a need to sell property immediately without delay.


Buyers acquire these properties and either lease them out or rehabilitate and sell the properties. Buyers are continuously perusing the market in search of opportunities where mutual profit can be made. However, buyers do not usually have the necessary capital to purchase properties in full cash, as the sellers would like.


Investors have large amounts of capital that they are willing to lend out to buyers investing in properties. However, they seek to maximize their reward to risk ratio. At the same time, investors are often extremely busy and cannot be handling the minutiae of individual transactions.

Bottom Line

We realize that all parties involved are often constrained on time: sellers have other affairs to handle, buyers need to be on the lookout for properties, and investors need to be out and about reviewing investment deals. Therefore, we work in synergy with all of the parties so that profits can be maximized while time wasted is minimized.

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